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I have recently graduated with a Master’s of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.) from the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department at Queen’s University.

I received my B.Sc. Honours in Chemical Engineering - Environmental Option at Queen’s. My research focused on the III-V semiconductor indium gallium nitride (InGaN) for use in photovoltaics. Additional projects include: a technical and economic analysis for a First Nations community to become completely solar powered; and a successful push to make Queen's University deploy rooftop and ground-mounted solar PV arrays.

Thesis Outline


  • Solar PV potential, benefits
  • Unique properties of InGaN (varying band gap with composition), its promise as a semiconducting material for PV, multi-junction solar cells

Literature Review

  • Summary of previous InGaN work


  • Procedures and equipment used for characterization of the films using:
  • Ellipsometer
  • Photoluminescence
  • SEM
  • SIMS
  • EDX
  • Solar simulator - photoconductivity


  • chapters of manuscript thesis


  • Explain characterization results and relate them to advantages/disadvantages for use in PV cells

Future Work

  • Cover any lingering problems/difficulties with creating an InGaN cell



The completed manuscript thesis entitled "Optical Characterization of Indium Gallium Nitride for Application in High-Efficiency Solar Photovoltaic Cells" is on hold until papers are published

Published Papers

Primary Author: Leveraging Solar Photovoltaic Technology For Sustainable Development in Ontario's Aboriginal Communities

Co-Author: Effects of Substrate Temperature on Indium Gallium Nitride Nanocolumn Crystal Growth