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About Me

I am a Mechanical and Materials Engineering student at Queen's University, graduating in 2010. My interests lie primarily in the area of sustainable development, particularly in consulting and strategic advice. I have been employed at Queen's University as a Research Assistant in Applied Sustainability and spent two summers at a major Canadian utility.

I will post useful information for users interested in applied sustainability and energy below. In addition, I have contributed significantly to two literature reviews, one about deployment of renewable energy technologies to mitigate climate change, and the other about the fascinating history of the (somewhat unfeasible) Energy Theory of Value.


This section contains resources useful to others working on similar projects.

Electricity Generation in Canada

Statistics Canada summary of power generation (by type and province) for Canada in 2003. Wikipedia summary can be found at Updated overview can be found at

Power Generation Information

Solar thermal feasibility study for California by Black & Veatch with NREL