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Sunrise from my hometown.

About Me

Dwayne Carter II
My name is Mr. Carter. I am a engineering student at Humboldt State University. I love the game of basketball. I also love people. One thing that drives me in my life is the curiosity to understand. I feel as if I need to understand everything and I hope to understand everyone.

Interests in Engineering

  • Building things in a team setting.
  • Strong desire to own my own business. An engineering business would be a dream for me.
  • I love to know how things work. Engineers make thing because they know how things work.

Experience in Engineering

  • Great in a team setting.
  • I have been a excellent math and science student my whole life.
  • Have experience completing projects for employers.


Below are examples of work I'm proud of. Much of which was completed during my 2019 spring semester of Engr215 Introduction to Design Class.
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