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About MeEdit

Brian Haupt
Mechanical Engineering Undergrad
Michigan Technological University
Estimated Graduation: May 2015


  • 3D Printing
  • Machining
  • Automotive Skills
  • Outdoor Activities

My ModificationsEdit

  • LEDs added on end effector for improved print inspection
  • Wires to hot end shrink-tubed to clean up appearance
  • Switched to standard nuts and set screws on pulleys so nuts are snug in pulley
  • Designed and printed contained overhead filament feed (hangs inside printer)

My PrintsEdit

  • 12-inch F-22 Raptor (2 parts)
  • Rock-clibing hold for rockwall project
  • Other misc. widgets

Image:Bhaupts Celtic Project.jpeg|Doorknob and backing plate with Celtic knot