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= Jianlang (Simon) Mai =
= Jianlang (Simon) Mai =
'''67 Kentish Crescent. Scarborough, ON M1S 2Z3 Canada'''
'''Phone: 647-376-5432 '''
'''E-Mail: maijianlang@gmail.com'''
'''E-Mail: maijianlang@gmail.com'''

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Jianlang Mai, Please feel free to contact me for any concerns questions.

Jianlang (Simon) Mai

E-Mail: maijianlang@gmail.com


I am a recently graduated Mechanical Engineering student from Queen’s University. I am looking for a challenging career that allows me to utilize my fundamental engineering knowledge.


Engineering Skills

  • Computational design skill: Strong computer-aided design skill proven in many efficiency-based design projects
  • Problem solving skill: Strong problem shooting and solving skill proven in many design projects and automotive workshop environment
  • Machining skill: Hands-on experience with milling, welding, cutting, drilling, bending, turning and grinding
  • Computational analysis skill: Ability to perform numerical analysis using Maple, C++, MatLab and MS Excel

Communication skills

  • Research: Review and summarize academic articles effectively
  • Technical reports: Comfortable of producing technical reports for various engineering purposes, with extensive use of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Technical presentations: Ability to perform technical presentation efficiently to audiences with various background

Interpersonal skills

  • Team player: Manage interpersonal conflict, motivate others and take charge whenever necessary
  • Well organized: Punctual and well prepared for every group meeting, in charge of client liaison
  • Self-motivated: Eager to learn in order to foster personal and professional growth


Bachelor of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering

Queen's University, Kingston ON Canada

Related courses

  • Engineering: Engineering Graphics, Manufacturing Methods, Machine Condition and Faults Diagnosis, Internal Combustion Engine, Turbo Machinery, Aerospace Engineering, Material Science Engineering
  • Physics: Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Dynamics, Compressible Fluid, Statics and Mechanics, Kinematics and Dynamics, Electricity and Magnetism
  • Mathematics: Calculus, Engineering Data Analysis, Statistic Analysis, Applications Numerical Method
  • Sustainability Study: Fuel Cell Technology, Engineering Sustainability Development
  • Economics: Micro/ Macroeconomics, Engineering Economics


The Queen Elizabeth ll Aiming for the Top Scholarship, 2006

  • Recognizes students who have shown academic excellence

Dean’s Entrance Scholarship in Applied Science, 2006

  • Recognizes students entering the Applied Science faculty who have shown academic excellence


MECH 460 Team Design Project with Knorr Brake Ltd, Kingston

  • Objective: To evaluate the feasibility of automating the manifold epoxy coating process, in an effort to relieve the costs of manual labor, as well as to reduce the possibility of error caused by human uncertainty.
  • Solution: Troubleshot the current process and analyzed the solution, provided detailed CAD modeling, materials selection, dimension/force/pressure analysis, cost analysis and critical analysis.
  • Strong points: Innovative, light weight, simple design, low cost, low maintenance
  • Goal: Exceeded the client’s expectations and was granted to implement the prototype

A brief presentation of some of the CAD drawings from the client based design projects can be seen :File:Mai CAD Examples.ppt

Another MECH460 Green Appropriate Technology project can be found here


3M Canada, Perth and Brockville ON Position: Energy auditor- MECH 425 Engineering Sustainability Development Green IT project Feb 2010

  • Generated an energy conservation measure (ECM) on motion sensing vending machine which calculates the energy reduction, greenhouse gases emission reduction and rate of return of the system.
  • Based on energy usage patterns and I.T. infrastructure, preformed a feasibility study to the business of implementing numerous technologies, systems, and processes in an effort to reduce the environmental impacts and to improve the economic benefits.
  • Found that up to $100,000 can be saved through the energy optimization.
  • Gained hands-on energy auditing experiences and insights on energy optimization.

Benny’s Auto Shop, Toronto, ON Position: Apprentice May 2008 -July., 2008

  • Took a Nissan 86’ Sunny apart to obtain extensive understanding of structure/function of automobile
  • Gained hands-on mechanical workshop experience through the utilization of various power tools
  • Improved problem shooting and solving skill through basic automobile repairing such as brake replacement, oil/tires changes and body repairing

Reliable Restaurant Equipments Supply, Co., Toronto, ON Position: Shop Assistant Aug 2008 -Sept., 2008

  • Responsible of market researching
  • Handled paper work such as catalogs classification, taking orders through phone
  • Helped on flyer designing and market stratagem

Cell 123 electronics retail store, Markam, ON Position: Salesman June 2007 -Aug 2007

  • Listened to the clients’ need carefully, gained trust from all clients
  • Neatly explained the functions of the each item to clients with patient, the employer was highly satisfied

Toronto Chinese Community Services Association, Toronto (http://www.tccsa.on.ca/) Position: Activities assistant/ Receptionist Sept 2005 – April 2006

  • Responsible for presentation preparation and activities planning
  • Performed multiple receipting tasks



  • Play intramural basketball for 3 years
  • Pool table
  • Table tennis
  • Have free weight strength training 3 times per week for 2 year


  • Reading engineering relative materials
  • Traveling/ Camping
  • Rock climbing
  • Playing guitar