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Scott Gennings
Please feel free to contact me with any questions

Queens University Mechanical Engineering Student

  • Potential graduate for a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering in May of 2010


  • Alternative and sustainable power generation
  • Automotive applications including fuel cells and evolving technologies that are sustainable from the fuel source to the tailpipe
  • Efficiency improvements in old buildings (building envelope improvements)

Current Courses

Engineering Experience

MECH 460 Final Project: Train on board power generation hybrid conversion

  • Assessed the technical feasibility of converting a current train platform from external electric power generation to on board fuel cell / battery hybrid generation
  • Optimized the fuel cell power, hydrogen storage and battery bank systems to suit specific functional requirements
  • Proposed a final integration design using extensive power and duty cycle analyses

MDEP 437 Final Project: On board power fuel cell power generation for Toronto streetcars

  • Similar project to MECH 460, except for a Toronto ALRV two car streetcar
  • Determined power requirements based on duty cycle, then specified models for the Fuel Cell unit, hydrogen storage, and capacitors
  • Considered overall environmental impacts of large scale hydrogen production