Urban harvesting-Collect and distribute local foods to local markets

Our environmental mission, Urban Harvesting, has been selected as a finalist in an online idea contest. We need your help so we can get funding to get started next season. All it takes is about 2 minutes to [1]. Here's the details about our mission.

The idea is based upon the problem that most of the fruit that makes it into our grocery stores is transported great distances (1,000+ miles on average). All this waste, while a large percentage of fruit in people's backyard simply goes to waste because most homeowners lack the time and interest to properly collect, store, or distribute this food.

Our mission is to directly connect this otherwise wasted fruit with the local markets and food banks. Please take the time to vote for our environmental initiative. I know it's a hassle to go through yet another registration on yet another web site but please find it in your inner hippy to get in there and put up a vote for an idea that will help reduce waste of both food and energy through transportation.

Please take the opportunity and help us get started by voting for us on Idea Blob. If we can gather enough votes they will help fund some of the money that will be needed to help get this started. You'll need to register in order to be able to vote. Here's the direct link to our submission: [2] If you do register to vote and are interested in more information, please email me directly at kemper (at) identifiedmedia (dot) com and I'll be able to sign you up to receive more information via a email newsletter.

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