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These are pages to be watched by the discussion tracker


  • When pages here are moved, the name listed here should be updated. (e.g. if someone moves a page, hopefully they will remember; otherwise, if you notice a move take place when you check the discussion tracker, and see that someone has forgotten, then please make the change).
  • This page should not be added to a category, nor any page or template linked from this page, unless it is intended that the linked page or template be added to the watchlist. The use of this watchlist by the template depends on the "Related changes" function, which operates on every link entered here (in the body of the page, not including the sidebar and top).
  • All corresponding talk pages are listed below. Talk are not included by default in the "related changes" function.

Permanent members of watchlist

For the following pages, the talk page only is tracked:

Short-term members

Need to check if changes to the pages and their talk pages are both tracked, or if the talk page needs to be listed as well.