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This page has been created for the [http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Curriculum_Jam_Taipei Free Content Jam] at Wikimania in Taipei, August 2007. The aim of the content jam is to create content for inclusion in the the {{WP|XO-1}} (previously known as the $100 Laptop or Children's Machine) which is being developed by {{WP p|OLPC|OLPC.}}
This page is a sitemap for all pages to be used in the XO-1's library. Creating the sitemap is the first step - the pages can then be collected (via dump? or spider) and converted into a "bundle" - see...
==Deadline for inclusion in the next OLPC release==
Late September.
For August 1 and 2 this page acts as a demonstration page. After this, it should be taken as an important project to be implemented based on the pages listed on this page. Pages listed here should be of high enough quality and relevance for inclusion in the OLPC project.
OLPC content is aimed at children of ages 6-16. Highly technical information should generally be made understandable by:
* making the English clear, and easy to understand, but without losing content; or
* creating a more straightforward page on Appropedia, which is then listed on the sitemap when ready.
OLPC has volunteers to assist with translation into their supported languages (including simple English).
Note that this is just a base of offline information to be made available on the OLPC laptop. When net access is available, the users will be able to view the complete and up-to-date Appropedia site.
==Water and sanitation==
==Water and sanitation==
* [[Rainwater]]
* [[Rainwater]]

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