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Usage[edit source]

This uses two arguments: pagename and namespace.

Simple version[edit source]

When the template is placed on a page without any arguments, it displays any subpages for that page. For example,

{{List subpages}}


In this Templatespace:
Template talk: List subpages/doc

Mainspace[edit source]

For Mainspace (articles), the form is:

{{List subpages|PAGENAME|}}

Notice that the namespace value is left blank.

For example,

{{List subpages|CCAT rainwater catchment system|}}


Pages with the prefix 'CCAT rainwater catchment system' in the 'Main' and 'Talk' namespaces:

Other namespaces[edit source]

For subpages of Appropedia:Content Initiatives:

{{List subpages|Content Initiatives|Appropedia}}

displays as:

Pages with the prefix 'Content Initiatives' in the 'Appropedia' and 'Appropedia talk' namespaces:
Appropedia talk:

For userspace, the form is:

{{List subpages|USERNAME|User}}

Interwiki links[edit source]