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|form = Infobox organization
|category = Organizations
|category = Organizations
|above = [[Organization]]
|above = [[Organization]]

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Infobox organization

Template documentation[edit]

This template is used on organizations.


Basic usage is by clicking on the 'Edit with form' tab on organizations. The fields allowed are:

  • image: The organization's logo or a relevant photo.
  • caption: Photo description. For example, organization logo or photo of the organization's headquarters.
  • type: Type or organization (e.g. nonprofit, university, college, research center).
  • founded: Year or date of foundation.
  • location: City and country where the organization is based. For example, "Lagos, Nigeria" or "San José, Costa Rica".
  • area: Countries or regions where the organization is active.
  • focus: Areas of sustainability or international development addressed by the organization as stated in the organization's mission statement or programs.
  • methods: Types of programs or activities.
  • links: Organization official site or any relevant websites.
  • active: Whether the organization has been active for the past 12 months.

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