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This page is a project page in progress by students in JMC330. Please refrain from making edits unless you are a member of the project team, but feel free to make comments using the discussion tab. Check back for the finished version on May 15, 2013.


The Goal

"Our goal is to bring about change for sustainable development by bridging science and policy. We do this by providing integrated analysis that supports decision makers." [1]

The History

The Swedish Government established the SEI in 1989[1] as an independent research institute that was to specialize on sustainable development and environmental policy issues.[2]


The Locations

The SEI has expanded since its creation and now includes research facilities divided into seven regions:

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • York, United Kingdom
  • Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • United States (Offices in Massachusetts, California, and Seattle)
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


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