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===== CLM Nanotech Ideas=====
===== CLM Nanotech Ideas=====
* [[Microfabrication]]: [[MEMS]] fabrication and [[integrated circuit technology]]
* [[Microfabrication]]: [[MEMS]] fabrication and [[integrated circuit technology]]
===== CAS Nanotech Ideas=====
* [[Production of hydrogen]] and [[hydrogen storage]] for use in [[hydrogen fuel cell]] energy.
* The use of [[nanoparticles]] in [[slow release fertilizer]] to improve [[soil]] in poor regions.
* Using [[nanoparticles]] as [[report platforms]] for [[cancer detection and treatment]].

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Welcome to PH:254 -- Introduction to Nanotechnology at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

In the article "Nanotechnology and the Developing World" Fabio Salamanca-Buentello, Deepa L. Persad, Erin B. Court, Douglas K. Martin, Abdallah S. Daar, and Peter A. Singer show that nanotechnology is an extremely powerful growing collection of tools that can be harnessed to address some of the world's most critical sustainable development problems.[1]

Below find examples under progress


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