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Climate action

wikipedia:Climate change in Norway

Food activism

Fairtrade settlements in Norway - Farmers Market Norway

News and comment

Norway was ranked the home of the happiest place on Earth; so take that Disney Land!

Norway is a place where mostly everyone can be found happy: living their own lives, participating in various public events, and so on. In fact, most people are very unaware of the country if they do not live by the area.

The temperature in Norway is cold, although it is not freezing. If a person from an extremely warm area travels to Norway, they may think it is very chilly, because their body temperature has been raised over the course of the years. However, Norwegian citizens are found to have a withstand against colder areas due to where they grew up. It truly is a magnificent place to live, raise a family, and even take a week vacation. I must recommend taking a vacation to Oslo, Norway Template:*Oslo, Norway which is commonly known as the most popular city in Norway.

The following are somethings someone else put in this page and I take no credit for. They are only simple news broadcasts about what has been going on in the country. and I assure to you, people's opinions aren't always the truth. Have a great day.



Oslo Offers Citizens $1,200 to Buy an E-Bike, Jan 31 [1]


There Are Now More Than 100,000 Electric Cars On Norway's Roads, Dec 19 [2]

Oslo is creating the model for how cities can solve climate change, Oct 14 [3]

Norway: the electric car paradise, Jul 15 [4]

Oslo votes to slash emissions 95% by 2030, Jun 23 [5]

Norway pledges to become climate neutral by 2030, Jun 15 [6]

Norway to 'completely ban petrol powered cars by 2025', Jun 6 [7]

Norway becomes first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation, Jun 4 [8]

Norway Will Spend Almost $1 Billion on New Bike Highways, Mar 3 [9]

Reforestation in Norway: showing what’s possible in Scotland and beyond, January 20 [10]


Oslo moves to ban cars from city centre within four years, October 19 [11]

First 100% electric car ferry operating in Norway, August 4 [12]

Norway Will Divest From Coal in Push Against Climate Change, June 5 [13]

Oslo divests from coal companies, March 2 [14]

Norway: Welfare for Innovation, February 15 [15]


A lot of cities could use a Trampe Cyclocable, March 18 [16]

Oslo introduces buses powered by a by-product of food waste, March 5 [17]

Norwegian government reviews fossil fuel divestment plan, March 3 [18]



wikipedia:Centre for Renewable Energy

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