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The most basic food plan is the Mormon Basic Four from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints'. You may want to use it as a starting point and build from there since it is the backbone of numerous other survival programs.


  • Select hard red winter wheat packed in Nitrogen
  • 200-365 pounds per person per year
  • Keeps indefinitely

Powdered Milk

  • 60-100 pounds per person per year
  • keeps 1-5 years

Sugar or Honey

  • 35-100 pounds per person per year
  • Keeps indefinitely
  • Keep dry in a tight container


  • 1 - 12 pounds per person per year
  • Keeps indefinitely
  • more if food preservation is planned

These four will NOT make a good diet nor a very interesting one, but it will keep you alive. At a minimum, vitamins and mineral supplements as well as a source of fat and oil should be added.

The Mormon 4 was created to provide one year of food at low cost with a very long shelf life. Part of the Mormon faith stipulates that all families should have at least one year's food supply in storage.