MY3701 Semiconductor Innovation I project

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Asi.png This page was part of a project for MY3701 -- an MTU class on semiconductors.

This page is now open edit -- please fix mistakes or feel free to leave comments using the discussion tab.

MY3701 Semiconductor Innovation I project[edit | edit source]

  1. Join your group of 5 (one group 6) self-selected student colleagues
  2. Download and install Libre Office if you do not already use it
  3. Read the background material for your randomly assigned semiconductor patent to the group.
    1. You may look up words that you don't know in your book or use the internet
    2. You must not look at any patents or search for key word blocks of text that could lead you to the patent
  4. Determine what the fundamental "improving feature" and "worsening feature" is of the technology that you have been randomly assigned. (e.g. create a generic problem to solve)
  5. Look up the solution of the generic problem in the Triz Matrix
  6. Click on solutions for descriptions of them to see what they are then look them up here
  7. Generate real concrete solutions for your problem

Include all of the following in an ODT format document

  1. Your group number
  2. Your names as you would like them to appear in print (e.g. include your middle initial)
  3. Briefly summarize the real problem
  4. Your improving/worsening features for your abstract problem
  5. TRIZ abstract solution numbers/descriptions
  6. Then generate a list of concrete real solutions to your real problem -- make as many as you can - as detailed as you are able in bullet format.
  7. When the class runs out of time email and attach your ODT document.