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content include a reference. [1]

The Team

Team Photo

names below as descrition?

Justin Smith Keith Imler Julissa Villanueva Joanna Murphy

The Client

Flock Pod

Problem Statement & Criteria

Problem Statement

FlockPod needs a power source


Build a bicycle powered generator to meet the energy demands of the Flock House pod.


Criteria Weight Description
Ease of use 10 Describe
Consistency 10 Describe
Durability 9 Describe
Portability 7 Describe
Aesthetics 6 Describe
Safety 6 Describe
Sustainability 5 Describe
Cost 5 Describe

Geared-Up From the Feet-Up

Description of system and use

Cost and Materials

Man Hours Cost of Materials


e.g. graph of power out put


How to Build Your Own!!

Step by Step Process

content/link to another page/Video


  1. This is a reference. See Help:Footnotes for how to make one.