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Espians is a company "building the foundations for the post-industrial future."

Christina Rebel of Espians Describing Wikifactory


WikiHouse is an open source construction set that enables anyone to design, download, print and assemble a house. Founded in collaboration with Architecture 00, the WikiHouse project now has more than 10 chapters in cities around the world and a TED talk with over a million views.


We are developing WikiFactory to enable design and hardware projects to collaborate as effectively as open source software projects. The in-browser, open source platform will feature a library of 3D designs and an easy-to-use design tool so that anyone can create, share and modify designs for digital fabrication.


Set to launch in early 2015, Ampify is an open source, decentralised application platform. It will provide a web-application framework to create social apps on top of a secure, decentralised core.