Edible perennials and self-seeding annuals

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' A list of edible perennials & self-seeding annuals, suitable for permaculture gardening, lazy gardening etc.

This list is UK based but many of the plants will be available in climates elsewhere.

Onion family

Chives Herb. Will grow from seed, but quicker to grow from cuttings - dig up existing plants and split the roots. The purple flowers are also edible
Garlic chives Very similar to chives but with a mild garlic flavour

Welsh onion larger than chives, of a similar size to spring onions but perennial

Tree onion Grows edible miniature onion-like bulblets above ground, leaves can also be eaten

Brassica (cabbage) family

Nine star perennial broccoli Makes large cauliflower-like heads in spring. Cut the head off and use it, and smaller ones sprout on sideshoots. Don't allow the heads to flower or the plant will die. Leaves also edible

NB unfinished, I am planning to do some more work on this :)

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  • [1] Plants for a future database of plants with edible/medicinal uses. Be aware they list eg plants which are only edible in small quantities/ after cooking /etc and read the details carefully before eating anything!

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