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Easy-to-grow plants are an important part of lazy gardening, making it easy for people lacking the time, skill or interest in gardening to still reap the benefits of personal food growing.

How easy, exactly?

There are many plants which can simply be:

  • be planted as seeds, or as seedlings from a community or commercial seedling nursery or a community seedling sharing program.[1]
  • mulched
  • watered occasionally or not at all
  • harvested

Thus they will be resistant to most serious pests and diseases as long as they have their basic needs met.


The best examples will vary according to climate, but some suggestions include:

For more helpful information, specific pages need to be developed on easy-to-grow plants by climatic zone & rainfall patters.

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  1. I don't think I've ever heard of community or commercial seedling nursery or community seedling sharing programs, but it seems like a good idea to me, as part of promoting urban agriculture in a community - especially the sharing programs. --~~~~
  2. I've heard they're easy, but don't know. Note that these comments can be removed once the information has been improved/corrected. --~~~