Daktari CD4

Daktari CD4
Status Clinical trial
Made? No
Replicated? Was this project made independently by someone other than the authors and without their guidance? No
Countries of design United States
Countries of replication Africa
Health data
Health topic HIV/AIDS
Health classification Diagnosis

Problem being addressedEdit

There is a need to develop CD4 counters that do not rely on laboratory workers and expensive/complicated equipment. A counter that can be used by rural clinicians in the field without extensive training would greatly assist in managing HIV in rural areas.

Detailed description of the solutionEdit

Microfluidic cell chromatography isolates cells and other particles in a miniature sensing chamber, without the complex manual steps of blood tests. The system takes advantage of electrochemical sensing, using lysate impedance spectroscopy. The system uses a simple sensor that counts the captured CD4 cells by measuring their internal contents electrically. A hand-held instrument interprets the electrical signal, and reports the CD4 count within minutes.

Designed byEdit

  • Designed by: Daktari Diagnostics
  • Manufacturer location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

When and where it was tested/implementedEdit

A clinical trial took place in Seattle the summer of 2010 and clinical trials have also been conducted in Uganda.

Funding SourceEdit

Funded privately and through the Gates Foundation.


Externally generated reportsEdit

McBride R. (2009.) Daktari Diagnostics, backed by Gates Foundation, raises funds for HIV test study. Link available here