Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects

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Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects


Live a more sustainable and economical life using open-source technology!

Designed for beginning hobbyists and makers, this engaging guide is filled with ways to save money by making use of free and open-source technologies on a wide and impressive range of products. Written by a leader in the field of open-source technology, the book reveals the potential of at-home manufacturing and recycling projects―and even how to score free big-ticket items, including housing and electricity. All the projects have big money saving in mind, but also big fun!

Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects written by Joshua Pearce, lays out the many ways in which you can employ these resources on a small scale to live a more economical and sustainable lifestyle. You’ll find tons of DIY projects that demonstrate how to use open-source software and hardware to save money on:

  • Digital photographs and videos
  • Music, software, and instruments
  • Scientific equipment
  • Paper and audio books
  • Maps and GIS data
  • Patterns for clothing
  • Security systems
  • Cars
  • Electricity and much more.

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ISBN-10 : 1260461769
ISBN-13 : 978-1260461763
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education TAB; 1st Edition (October 29, 2020)

Hyperlinks to Free Stuff from Create, Share, and Save

1. Introduction to the Open Source Philosophy and The Benefits of Sharing

Fig1.1 clothgrabber.png

Read Chapter 1 for free here.

2. Making and Sharing Recipes, Life Hacks, and Household Tricks


3. Making and Sharing Digital Photographs, Open Source Camera


4. Making and Sharing Art, Krita

Sintel Cover Durian Project.jpg

5. Making and Sharing Music, Software and Instruments

5.2 audacity.png

6. Scanning, Making Paper and Audio Books and Sharing Books


7. Making, Editing, and Sharing Videos


8. Making and Sharing Maps and GIS Data


9. Making and Sharing Clothing: Patterns for Sewing and Knitting


10. Making and Sharing Woodworking and Other Old School Skills

Opendesk furniture lift-standing-desk.jpg

11. Making and Sharing Electronics: Open Source PCB Mills, Arduino & Security


12. Making and Sharing Digital At-Home Manufacturing

3dprinted household.JPG

13. Making and Sharing Scientific Equipment


14. Making and Sharing Data as a Citizen Scientist


15. Making and Sharing Waste Recycling: RecycleBots


16. Making and Sharing Big Free Stuff: Open Source Cars, Free Electricity, Open Building Institute, & Open Source Ecology


17. How to Make a Million Dollars of Value


18. Making the Future of Sharing


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  1. 3D With Us -
    1. " I wish I read this book in the beginning of my 3D printing and blogging journey, because a lot of the open source software listed and described was tried by me in one or the other way. As my budget didn’t allow me to use paid versions of software, I spent a lot of time searching for appropriate solutions. That’s how I found OBS, GIMP, Inkscape, not to mention all 3D design and 3D printing related software and communities." - Max Funkner (3D With Us)
    2. "Honestly speaking, before reading this book I was only partly convinced about the open-source “religion”. Now I am 75% converted. I truly hope I can keep the open source mindset for as long as possible unless life fills up with cruel bills and expenses, which may drag me back into the “unsharring, world of the Apes”." - Max Funkner (3D With Us)
  2. Blender Nation
  3. "Joshua Pearce’s book shows us that there are open source projects for anything you’d want to make, digital or physical. For anyone wanting to do something, open source makes it easier for you to get started, for creative ideas to flourish and for difficult problems to be solved by collaborating with others."- Dale Dougherty - Make Magazine
  4. "I wish I had this book when I was 15. However, a reader of any age and profession can find a lot of valuable information here. This work introduces us to the philosophy and methodology of the open-source movement through real examples covering all technical, legal, economic, and social aspects. A novice maker/creator/developer will receive professional advice, which in the future can help in organizing effective work processes and promoting built products. An experienced engineer will be able to take a fresh look at familiar things and contribute to the growth of the community. Have you ever heard of open-source cars or collective lunar cartography? The book examines a wide range of both everyday and unusual tasks, from life hacks and shared recipes to waste recycling and village construction sets, in terms of their potential, scalability, and orientation towards global collaboration. It provides a concentrated yet detailed overview in an accessible and easy-to-read form. Highly recommend."-- Aliaksei Petsiuk (

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Wanted: Students to make a distributed future with solar-powered open-source 3-D printing and recycling.
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