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News and comment


2010 SEED Award Winners, [1] November 3

"BOSQUE HUMEDO BIODIVERSO" is a business initiative headed by a local NGO that uses fruit and pulp as ingredients for the local cosmetics and food industries. The use of non-timber products will reduce deforestation of tropical forests and local families will benefit from collecting value-added goods. This helps develop alternative income sources and promotes the sustainable management of local biodiversity.


2009 SEED Award Winners, [2] May 12

A national NGO and local community associations are engaged in an initiative to reverse environmental degradation and social exclusion produced by illegal and uncontrolled mechanized mining. A mining certification process and capacity building program have been created created. More than 1000 artisan mines are now following social and environmental criteria.

"Camarones Sostenibles del Golfo de Morrosquillo". The partners of this project are a community-based organization, a local NGO and a small business which are aiming to establish a cooperative enterprise that includes families of traditional fishermen in the Morrosquillo Gulf, farming shrimp in a way which produces zero emissions.


New national park created in Colombia’s Amazon, [3] August 31


Sustainability initiatives


Friends of Gaviotas - wikipedia:Gaviotas

Local sustainability initiatives

Please see our local or city pages via the Colombia category, where of course you can share any more information you may have about local sustainability initiatives.

Initiatives by topic


Wikipedia: Colombia, Biodiversity


Solar cooking resources in Colombia

Urban sustainability

La Ciudad Verde

Interwiki links

Wikipedia: Colombia, Environmental issues in Colombia

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