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*[http://ilovefreegle.org Freegle]
*[http://ilovefreegle.org Freegle]
*[http://www.freecycle.org/ Freecycle
*[http://www.freecycle.org/ Freecycle]
*[http://www.sahakara.co.uk/ Sahakara]
*[http://www.sahakara.co.uk/ Sahakara]

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Products from waste

In some cases, waste products can be used to create saleable products and generate income. See for example:

Recycling near you



A number of on-line services exist to allow people to give away items they no longer use and permit others to benefit from them. Including


  • Funny Video Viral on recycling and avoiding unfortunate labels.
  • A Recycling Revolution - Recycling doesn't have to be just another household chore. We can use it as an opportunity to connect with our family, raise funds for our churches and schools, and educate our students.


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