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==Products from waste==
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In some cases, waste products can be used to create saleable products and generate income. See for example:
|image = Recycling_symbol.svg
* [[3Cycle]]
|page = Recycling
* [[Recycling and dengue fever in Sukunan, Indonesia]]
|text = Please insert a brief topic summary here (take from the summary on the the topic page).  
==Recycling near you==
*[http://www.recyclingnearyou.com.au/ Recycling Near You] - find recycling information by area and item.
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEa9z9UJals Funny Video Viral] on recycling and avoiding unfortunate labels.
[[Category:Waste management]]
[[Category:Waste management]]
[[Category:Materials processing]]

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