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Who we are

Parras 06 group near perote. The gallery has more photos

See the Parras Invitation for initial information on the program. In addition, please browse the user pages, project pages and other working pages below to see more about us and what we are doing.

For current students in the Parras 2007 Program


Combined Criteria

  • Multiuso 4
  • Banco a Banco 6
  • Utilizar recursos locales 7
  • Adaptabilidad 5
  • Económicamente viable para implementar y mantener 10
  • Eliminar complexiones que no son necesario 4
  • Durabilidad 6
  • La comunidad necesita, quiere, y participa en el proyecto 10
  • Apoyar la ecología 9
  • Atractivo y vendible 4
  • Critically analyzes and effectively utilizes available knowledge 10
  • Enhances well being 8