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==Who we are==
==Who we are==
The [http://cdc.humboldt.edu/~lms/gallery/lrg3/view_album.php?set_albumName=Parras06 gallery] has more photos]]
The [http://cdc.humboldt.edu/~lms/gallery/lrg3/view_album.php?set_albumName=Parras06 gallery] has more photos]]

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Who we are


The gallery has more photos]] See the Parras Invitation for initial information on this Parras summer program. In addition, please browse the user pages, project pages and other working pages below to see more about us and what we are doing.

For current students in the Parras 2007 Program


Combined Criteria

Here is a table of 12 criteria that define an appropriate technology for our group. Competing solutions can be rated on how well they meet each of the following criteria. Then those rating can be multiplied by the criterion weights. The solution with the highest score is the most approriate.

Criteria Weight (0-10 highest)
Económicamente viable para implementar y mantener 10
La comunidad necesita, quiere, y participa en el proyecto 10
Analiza críticamente y utiliza con eficacia conocimiento disponible 10
Apoyar la ecología 9
Realza bienestar 8
Utilizar recursos locales 7
Durabilidad 6
Banco a Banco 6
Adaptabilidad 5
Eliminar complexiones que no son necesario 4
Atractivo y vendible 4
Multiuso 4