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Open source and development issues

It is highly advisable that "Open source" licences such as the GNU Free Documentation License (read text) be considered for all written material and software related to development.

This allows free use and distribution of the material (free as in freedom, and free beer) and prevents people from being charged for the material. (Note that under many licences it is allowable to charge people for the cost of distribution, but not to impose any additional restrictions on what the person does with it.)

A relevant example is the ceramic water filter, which was deliberately not patented, to avoid restrictions on people wanting to use the design. Though thought must also be given to ensuring that no one else will patent it. (It may be that if the design and use of the invention is clearly documented, that will prevent others from being able to claim it as their own...?)

Open source software

There are many examples, including:

  • Linux operating system
  • OpenOffice

See Wikipedia:Open-source software for more.


  • Project Gutenberg - are there texts here relevant to development? (Educational texts, texts for use by English learners?)

Open source projects related to development

See also Wikipedia:Open design


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