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==Summer 2010 Projects==
==Summer 2010 Projects==
<gallery caption="Summer 2010 Projects" align=center>
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File:100_1328.JPG|[[HSU Chiapas improved cookstoves]] <br> Improved cookstoves at Otros Mundos and in a rural community<br> (en [[HSU_Chiapas_estufas_ahorradoras|español]])
File:EndOfSystemGroundView.png|[[HSU Chiapas micro hydro feasibility study]] <br> Microhydro feasibility study in a few rural communities  <br> (en [[HSU_Chiapas estudio sobre la factibilidad de microhídro|español]])
File:AlambreColgando.JPG|[[HSU Chiapas Windbelt ASE]] <br> Windbelts at Otros Mundos <br> (en [[HSU Chiapas Windbelt Español|español]])
File:Biodigester_diagramed_copy.jpg|[[HSU Chiapas biodigester]] <br> Biodigester at a demo house in San Cristobal
File:DSCF2406.JPG|[[HSU Chiapas rainwater catchment]] <br> Rainwater catchment systems at a demo house and in a rural community <br> (en [[HSU Chiapas captación de agua de lluvia|español]])

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This category is for Humboldt State University's 2010 summer immersion in Appropriate Technology and Spanish Language & Culture taking place in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. In 2010, we worked with Otros Mundos and various community members in San Cristobal de las Casas and near Acteal to collaboratively build three improved cookstoves, three rainwater catchment systems, windbelt prototypes, microhydro power feasibility studies, and a biogas digestor.

You can see more program details here, view the 2010 projects below or see all the pages pertaining to the HSU Chiapas Program at the bottom of this category.

Summer 2010 Projects


Formal and informal project partner organizations include: