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This is a very rough draft and might be inaccurate.

Widgets available now

It's already possible to insert certain widgets into pages. Useful ones which have already been successfully used on Appropedia include:

Widget Used on page
calendars User:Lonny
and maps User:Lonny
search boxes Appropedia's Public Domain Search

Widgets to look into

A small number of Google's OpenSocial widgets look useful. For example: (some of these links may not be the best ones.)

Discouraged widgets

Some widgets (including some of Google's OpenSocial widgets) don't serve a useful purpose here, don't help networking (in the sense of helping people to express who they are and network with like-minded people) and are more likely to distract and take up people's time. These are discouraged. (Should the Appropedia community reserve the right to ban such widgets?)