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If you can help with any of these tasks, please add your name, a contact method and/or comments next to the one you can work on. Or leave a message on the talk page here, or on the talk page of one of the active admins (Lonny, Chris or Curt).

Note: New features are tested first on the development site, so don't worry - you won't risk crashing Appropedia.

The following list is transcluded on the Desired features page and some other pages, to draw attention to these requests.

These are the very highest priorities for new features and fixes on Appropedia, in rough order. Can you find a concrete task (big or small) to help with? Leave a note on the talk page - thanks!

  1. New skin - very important to make Appropedia an enjoyable and usable site for visitors.
  2. Social & forum features. E.g.
    1. within MediaWiki (like Gardenology's forum; or Wikia's forum implementation - both seem to use Stand Alone Forum Extension(?)
    2. within Wordpress? extensions exist but how well do they work?
  3. Adding semantic features without some of the non-user-friendly aspects of Semantic MediaWiki. How does SMW work with FCKEditor? Which features of SMW should we turn on? (Off: Inline semantic information is probably confusing to newbies unless handled very cleverly in WYSIWYG. On: Allowing users to view the intersection of categories would be a very useful feature. On: Project tracking.)
  4. Fix RecentChanges cache (?) so it's possible to view more than 7 days. Solution: $wgRCMaxAge = 13 * 7 * 24 * 3600; // 13 weeks a simple code change which seems to produce something more like the intended results, at Appropedia:Site development/RC fix.
  5. A box on the navbar letting people easily email friends about the page they're viewing. "Tell a friend about this site. Email addresses will not be saved or used for any other purpose."
  6. Map/geotagging features. (What do we want? Allow searching by distance from location...)
  7. Develop a plan for grading articles and flagging them according to accuracy, reliability, usefulness. This raises many issues, including the weighting given to ranking by regular users compared to "expert" users. The Flagged Revisions extension is likely to be important, and so is the voting extension used on .
  8. mw:Manual:wgForeignAPIRepo - allows us to specify another wiki to pull images from.
  9. mw:Extension:MultiUpload - speed file upload.
  10. ParserFunctions - the extension, or whatever gives Wikipedia the logical functions in templates, that we don't have.
  11. Banner for visitors from partner sites
  12. mobile site for Appropedia

Wordpress issues:

  1. RSS feed - still getting blank line error in spite of extensive work to try and fix it (all the obvious fixes and a few obsure ones.)
  2. newsletter with MailPress (I tried but couldn't get mail servers set up. --Chriswaterguy 21:25, 24 February 2010 (UTC))
  3. Forum extension? (see above, "Social & forum features")

Only add or remove items here by consensus or after discussion with an admin. There are many priorities - these are a select few. Only add or remove items here by consensus or after discussion with an admin.

Please add other priorities to Appropedia:Site development/Desired features in the appropriate section, using the standard template there.


Old priority items (resolved or no longer a priority):

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