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*[[Wikipedia:User:Lupin/Filter recent changes]]
*[[Wikipedia:User:Lupin/Filter recent changes]]
*[[meta:Vandalbot]] - a script which automatically performs some kind of malicious edit or similar operation to a wiki at high rate.
*[[meta:Vandalbot]] - a script which automatically performs some kind of malicious edit or similar operation to a wiki at high rate.
[[Category:Appropedia maintenance]]
[[Category:Appropedia maintenance]]

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The most effective anti-vandalism measure is an active community. We have a team of people (the Recent Changes Patrol monitoring all edits made, and vandalism and spam are quickly reverted.

We are also looking at other measures such as bots (as used with great efficiency at Wikipedia) to monitor and quickly revert vandalism.

See also the talk page, for further discussion.


Restricting permissions for page moves

Page moves are harder to revert than other changes, so we added this to our LocalSettings.php:

        # To thwart vandalism these adjustments (intended)
        # to limit move permission to "autoconfirmed" users
        $wgAutoConfirmAge                             = 3600*24*10; // 10 days
        $wgAutoConfirmCount                           = 10; // 10 edits required
        $wgGroupPermissions['user']['move']           = false;
        $wgGroupPermissions['autoconfirmed']['move']  = true;


  • implement a bot or bots taken (with permission) from Wikipedia spam & vandal-fighters. E.g. Tawkerbot.DEPRECATED TEMPLATE - PLEASE USE {{W}} INSTEAD. These could run on the server, for faster, 24-hour operation.
  • ban page creation by anons & new accounts (like Wikipedia) - On Appropedia, it is likely that some readers will never sign up until they are ready to create a page based on their project.
  • implement soft-protection for pages that are spam targets
  • reverse Turing tests
    • Currently implemented in some cases.
  • implementation of the semi-protectionDEPRECATED TEMPLATE - PLEASE USE {{W}} INSTEAD. function, to be used when pages become targets of negative behavior of any kind


  • We have a simple CAPTCHA: mw:Extension:ConfirmEdit - a minor bother to users, but it has stopped the "nonsense bots."
  • Bad Behavior blocks a lot of spam without bothering users, by examining how an editor accesses the site. See Bad Behavior on MediaWiki (official site) and mw:Extension:Bad Behavior. (The official site has up to date info and the MediaWiki.org page may have other useful info. (See also Bad Behavior 2 Extended - additional add-on for MediaWiki which adds a special page for Bad Behavior.)

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