Aluminum Awareness Instructions

Here are step by step instructions on how to reconstruct Aluminum Awareness. This includes the construction of the shell as well as the creation the aluminum shingles.

Aluminum Awareness Instructions
Final Skin pic.jpg
Keywords shelter
Completed 2011
Location Arcata, California
Materials wood, aluminum can, brackets, tar paper
Cost USD $ 144.84
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Language English

How to BuildEdit

Aluminum Can Shingle PressEdit

  1. Cut two hardwood boards to 2"x4"x6" dimensions (note: Please use safety goggles).
  2. Set dado blades on table saw to 3/8" thickness and 3/8" depth. Cut two grooves into each board an inch apart from one another and an inch from each side.
  3. Insert two 3/8"x6"x3/8" hardwood slats into grooves of one of the boards.
  4. Use 1" wood screws to attach pin hinges to boards.
  5. Aluminum can shingle crusher is complete.

Application of Aluminum Can Shingle PressEdit

  1. Cut the upper and lower ends off of a standard aluminum beverage can and cut a straight line down the middle of the can to create a flat piece of aluminum.
  2. Place flat piece of aluminum can into shingle crimper.
  3. Apply pressure to shingle crimper by either stepping on it or using a rubber mallet.
  4. Open shingle crimper to remove shingle.

Building Aluminum AwarenessEdit

  1. Designate the open area of the structure you wish to cover and create a frame using pine, fir, cedar, or any other type of structural wood. Use a either a band saw or chop saw to cut the pieces for the frame and use wood glue and nail gun to attach them to one another.
  2. Sheath the non-window areas of your frame with plywood.
  3. Cover the plywood sheathing with roofing paper using a staple gun to attach the paper to the plywood.
  4. Staple aluminum can shingles on top of the roofing paper, starting at the bottom of your shell and overlaying additional layers of shingles so that when rainwater runs down your shell the water will flow off of one shingle onto another. Do not start at the top! If you do, rainwater will catch behind the lower shingles causing your shell to leak. Once the shingles have been attached, cut off the excess on the edges to create a flush edge. Caution! Shingle edges can be very sharp, so when cutting the edges wear protective gloves to prevent injury.
  5. Once all non-window areas are covered, cut 2-liter plastic bottles to staple onto the openings for the windows.
  6. Cover edges of windows with a thin strip of wood to increase the weather resisting ability of the structure as well as to make the structure more pleasing to the eye.
  7. You have now reconstructed Aluminum Awareness!


To maintain Aluminum Awareness replace any faulty aluminum shingles and use roofing caulk to repair any leaks.

Instructional VideoEdit