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Asia Association of Environmental Profession

Asia Association of Environmental Professionals (AAEP) is a non-profit, multi-discipline organization providing a forum for the discussion of the latest developments in environmental regulation, control technologies, and business opportunities in the environmental field. Our current membership includes more than 30,000 scientists, academics, business managers, consultants, activists, attorneys, and governmental officials from across Asia.

Regional Forums
Australia-New Zealand
East Asia
Greater China
South Asia
Southeast Asia

Industry Forum Groups
Agriculture and Fisheries
Alternative Energy
Automotive / New Energy Vehicles
Building Products / Energy Efficiency
Clean Water Technology
Education and Research
Environmental Cleanup
Legal and Advocacy
Marine Protection
NGO’s and Environmental Activism
Oil and Gas
Solar Power
Thermal Energy
Waste Water Treatment and Sewage
Wind Power


Chairman of the Board
Louis Quest (Hong Kong) Sentinel Corporation

Dr. Jalil S.M. (Bangladesh) Former Chief Conservator of Forests Bangladesh
Scott Garner (China) Asia ENV Group
PMS Prasad (India) Reliance Petroleum
Luiz Eduardo Osorio (Indonesia) VALE
Shina Ansari (Iran) Iran Department Of Environment
Monica Koenig (Japan) Sumitomo Chemical
VP/PI. Sharbini Suhaili (Malaysia) Petronas
Manivannan Ayad (Saudi Arabia) Presidency of Meteorology and Environment PME
Nimra Saleh (Pakistan) Nestle Pakistan
Sirijan Thinphanga (Thailand) Thailand Environment Institute