"Backpack" Snap-fit Clips

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Backpack Snap-fit Clips
Description This type of clip is found on a variety of items, most commonly backpacks, and work well. Scalable design files for 3D printing are provided.
Keywords 3D printing, snap-fit, clip, fastener
Uses hobbyism
Authors Renata Putzig
Status Prototype
Made? No
Replicated? Was this project made independently by someone other than the authors and without their guidance? No
Published 2014
Updated 2020-03-25
Affiliations [[:MTU|MTU]]
Estimated cost USD $ 1.00
Sustainable Development Goals SDG09 Industry innovation and infrastructure
Documentation data
Language English

This type of clip is found on a variety of items, most commonly backpacks, and work well. However, I have found that if you break one, it is difficult to find a replacement, and are overpriced (typically $2-6 for 1 set!). Since it is made of plastic and only plastic, I wanted to make a parametric OpenSCAD design. There are many designs for there out already, however few provided source code and even fewer were scalable.

Project developed by User:Rmputzig.

Bill of Materials

  1. Filament of your preferred color
  2. Design files as found here

Tools needed for fabrication of the OSAT

  1. MOST Delta RepRap or similar RepRap 3-D printer
  2. Exacto knife or similar product for removing support structures

Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions

  1. Print out the part. Be sure to generate supports for the print. Be prepared to spend time removing the the support structures.
  2. Print time: ~40 mins.

Cost savings

  1. 3D printed part: ~50 cents (depending on size)
  2. Commercial part: $2-$6
  3. Minimum cost savings of 75%