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Sustainability initiatives

Initiatives by topic



List of bike trails in Wisconsin
Oak Leaf Trail: The Oak Leaf Trail (formerly 76 Bike Trail) is a paved 108-mile (174 km) multi-use recreational trail which encircles Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Clearly marked trail segments connect all of the major parks in the Milwaukee County Park System with a "ribbon of green."


Wikipedia: List of nature centers in Wisconsin

Sustainable energy

Focus on Energy, statewide program for energy efficiency and renewable energy - Wikipedia: Solar power in Wisconsin

Sustainable transport

Wikipedia: List of hiking trails in Wisconsin


Citizens data initiative

The cities of Wisconsin have been active in increasing the availability of legislative information on the internet, thereby providing for greater government transparency. Currently three of the five most populous cities in Wisconsin provide their constituents with internet-based access of all public records directly from the cities’ databases. Wisconsin cities started to make this a priority after Milwaukee began doing so, on their page, in 2001. One such city, Madison, has been named the Number 1 digital city by the Center for Digital Government in consecutive years. [1]

Energy Profile for Wisconsin, Economic, environmental, and energy data

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Wikipedia: Wisconsin

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