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|title= [[Printable Parts]]
|title= [[Printable Parts]]
|Image:printable_wire_holder.JPG|Wire Holder Model,  
|Image:printable_wire_holder.JPG|Wire Holder Model,  
[ Model Files]
[ Model Files]

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Printed Wire Holder
Wire holder being used in an MTU undergrad electronic lab


Nicholas Lanter Undergrad student, Computer Engineering

Logan Brueck Undergrad student, Mechanical Engineering


Test Lead Holder


An open source wire lead holder that can be easily printed for any lab. Saving both time and money.

A commercial off the shelf wire holder would cost about $15, this holder will cost $2.07 to print and mount. It can be printed in just a few hours which would be much faster than if you had to order and ship one.


Bill Of Materials

  • 3x #6 sheet metal screws @ $0.372 per screw
  • Approximately 70 grams of PLA or equivalent filament @$0.24 per gram. $1.70

Total Cost ~$2.07

Installation and Use

  • Install using 3x #6 sheet metal screws and slide wire holder over screws, then tighten.


Printable Parts
Wire Holder Model,

Model Files