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[ Swindon Climate Action Network]
[ Swindon Climate Action Network]
=== Community energy ===
[ Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance]
=== Communities online ===
=== Communities online ===

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News and comment


Local action on climate change, December 8 [1]

Wiltshire's solar boom so big now more than half the homes can be powered by the sun, January 24 [2]


Swindon council votes to relax solar planning rules, March 12 [3]


Initiatives by topic


Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Climate action

Swindon Climate Action Network

Community energy

Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance

Communities online



BIG Community Grow, project based in the Trowbridge Area

Low carbon communities

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon

Sustainable transport

wikipedia:Kennet and Avon Canal

Interwiki links

Wikipedia: Wiltshire


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