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<noinclude>[[Category:Welcome to Appropedia|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>
<noinclude>[[Category:Welcome to Appropedia|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-header|
  <big>Announcements &mdash; [http://blogs.appropedia.org/tag/announcements/ ''more'']</big>|
  :Welcome to Appropedia/Announcements|titleforegroundlink=white}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Announcements}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-footer‎‎}} <!-- ANNOUNCEMENTS -->
{| class="oneColTb selection" style="font-size:1rem; vertical-align:top; table-layout:fixed; width:100%;"
| style="vertical-align:top; padding:1rem;" | {{:Welcome to Appropedia/Selected page}} <!-- SELECTED PAGE -->
| style="vertical-align:top; padding:1rem;" | {{:Welcome to Appropedia/Selected project}} <!-- HIGHLIGHTED PROJECT -->
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-header|<big>[[Community action for sustainability|Community action news]]</big>|:Welcome to Appropedia/CAnews||titleforegroundlink=white}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/CAnews}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-footer‎‎}} <!-- COMMUNITY ACTION NEWS -->
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Selected gallery}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Selected quote}} <!-- SELECTED QUOTE -->
<div style="float:right; width:100%; margin-bottom:1rem 0"> <!-- FULL WIDTH -->
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Selected portal intro}} <!-- VISIT A PORTAL -->
</div><div style="float:right; width:100%"> <!-- FULL WIDTH -->
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-header|<big>Selected [[:Category:Categories|categories]]<!-- and [[Appropedia:Books|books]]--></big>|:Welcome to Appropedia/Categories||titleforegroundlink=white}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Categories}} <!-- SELECTED CATEGORIES AND BOOKS (BOOKS HIDDEN) -->
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-footer‎‎}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-header|<big>Please help Appropedia grow!</big>|:Welcome to Appropedia/Grow||titleforegroundlink=white}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Grow}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-footer‎‎}} <!-- PLEASE HELP APPROPEDIA GROW -->
<div style="margin-top:-20px; margin-bottom:-20px;">
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-header|&nbsp;<!-- line above footer -->|:Welcome to Appropedia/Footer||titleforegroundlink=white}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Footer}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-footer‎‎}} <!-- FOOTER --> </div> <!-- END LINE ABOVE FOOTER -->
</div> <!-- END OF FULL WIDTH -->

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