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Zach Arnold

This is a picture of me during Orientation Week 2017 with the husky statue.

About Me

Hello, I am Zach Arnold. I am currently pursuing a double major in electrical and computer engineering. I love working with circuits and messing around with my 3D printers.


  • Electronics
  • Open source
  • 3D Printers


  • I have built 3 separate 3D printers from a kit. A delta, cloner(MakerBot clone), and a Prusa i3 clone.


Semester 1 Fall 2017

GM Robot Arm Automation:

    This semester Dan and I worked on a project to automate a 3D printer. The main aspect of the automation is an open source robotic arm called Dexter. After 2.5 months, we were able to complete the mechanical part of the arm after jumping many obstacles. We did not receive the electronics until a much later date. Upon obtaining the package of the electronics, we noticed that more parts were missing which is going to set back our timeline once again. Another part of the project is the safety cage that Dan designed. The cage is going to be the main showcase for the automation system where the robotic arm and the printer can work without the risk of injury. The last aspect of the project that I worked on was increasing the ease of removal of prints from the print bed. I designed in CAD and started to print a fan cooling system that, in theory, should speed cool the print bed of the Prusa i3 Mk2 allowing the part to pop off. Our plans for next semester(Spring 2018) is to get the arm moving and programmed, start wiring up the cage with lights and a display system and, lastly, to get prints off the bed easier. All of this should lead to a working demo for design expo.