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About Me[edit]

Name: Hoon Peerless

student at Humboldt state majoring in International Sustainable Development

Here for global cooperation and empowerment across borders and cultures

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit]

  • Sustainable Agriculture technologies/Permaculture
  • Cooking technologies (stoves and fuel)
  • Solar
  • Water harvesting and purification
  • Natural shelter building esp. with bamboo and straw bale
  • Aquaponics
  • Moringa (anything with moringa is awesome)
  • Healing with plants

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit]

  • Built a Papasan solar cooker/chair
  • work on herb and veggie farms
  • studies in food systems and distributions, sustainable agr.
  • plant medicine
  • rocket stoves and greenwaste briquettes
  • surveyed eco-tourism and community projects in the Gambia
  • worked with medicinal gardens and organic farming with womens groups in Senegal
  • instruments from found objects
  • surveyed permaculture, mushroom cultivation and moringa project in Ghana