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La Barra, Pacific Coast, Colombia

About Me[edit]

Caleb Wegener
Environmental Resource Engineering Student
Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA
Trance Music, Permaculture, Appropriate Technology, Snowboarding, Travel.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Sustainable Design
  • Renewable Energy
  • Land Management/Restoration
  • Living Seed Banks

Strengths in Engineering[edit]

  • Problem solving using a combination of math, physics, thermodynamics, and chemistry learned through engineering.
  • Technical writing abilities.
  • Fortran programming.
  • Excel spreadsheets.
  • Hurricane simulation and modeling.
  • Construction practices and methods.

Permaculture Building[edit]

Personal Project: Rainwater collection system at "The Sanctuary," in Arcata, CA

Composting Toilet Design, "Compooster."

External Links to Engineering Documents[edit]

Design Document from ENGR215, 2016.

Sample Gantt Chart

CAD Drawing of Rainwater Catchment Storage Tank.

Sample Memo

Spreadsheet Balancing Forces on a Cargo Trailer Design.

Snowpack data from the Tuolumne River Watershed in California