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|Image:BarnyardMatchingSet.jpg| [[Barnyard Sounds Matching Set]]
|Image:BarnyardMatchingSet.jpg| [ Barnyard Sounds Matching Set]
|Image:Probes.jpg| [[Title of your science project here]]
|Image:Tlfedor Full assembly and ladder piece.jpg| [ Adjustable Wave Gauge Mounting System]
|Image:3dpdeer.jpg| [[Title of your OSAT project here]]
|Image:3dpdeer.jpg| [[Title of your OSAT project here]]
|Image:Skiset.jpg| [[Title of your Big Money project here]]
|Image:Skiset.jpg| [[Title of your Big Money project here]]

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Tia Fedor
Mechanical Engineering Student at Michigan Tech. Aspiring Graphic Designer. Banjo Player. Avid Snowmobiler.

I am graduating from Michigan Tech this year and am incredibly excited to be pursuing my career at General Motors following graduation. As a hobby, I do Graphic Design and plan to get an MBA further along in my career to find a way to integrate my interests in engineering with my interests in marketing and advertisement.

Past Work Relevant to Appropedia[edit]

List and link to other projects.

Open Source 3-D Printing Class[edit]

Proof of Print Build Online Students[edit]

My functional printer printing a UP keychain

Everyone's Mini Projects[edit]

My functional 3-D printer!  
3D_Printing_Failure_Database 3D Printing Failure from Celtic Coaster  

Big Projects[edit]

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Reprap.png This user is a member with an interest and knowledge of 3-D printing.