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About MeEdit

Guero Pereda
I'm freshmen at HSU (Humboldt State University ) I'm pursuing an engineering degree. I’m a very hard worker who likes to take the lead in group projects, I’ve had over 3 years of experience in managing people to accomplish a specific task. I’ve held over three leadership position in clubs while constantly holding a B+ average grade in high school. I bring positive energy to any group or project, I've lived in the bay area (San Francisco) for most of my life and I attended San Lorenzo high in the city san Lorenzo. I enjoy playing and listening to music but I would have a better time having a conversation with someone over playing video games.

Interests in EngineeringEdit

  • I am interested in working with renewable energy sources and improving them to be more efficient.
  • I am interested in the building aspect of engineering.
  • I am interested in working as a part of a team to solve complex environmental problems and improving my teamwork skills.
  • I am interested in becoming the best engineer I can be.

Experience in EngineeringEdit

  • I helped my dad with construction, he did plumbing, electrical, and carpentry
  • I also took some classes on electronics at my local community college where we learned about how circuits work and some coding
  • I learn about landscaping design and 3d modeling through some high school classes
  • Studying Environmental Research Engineering at Humboldt State University.
  • Building a Rube Goldberg contraption to turn off a power switch.
  • Designing a water treatment for the 2019 Annual MidPac Conference
    • My team and I won the local MidPac competition hosted by the local ASCE Chapter at Humboldt State University.


For Engineering 215 Introduction to Design, my group and I, C.H.A.I.R, worked with Zane Middle School to recreate the way student learn and are able to take information in a classroom setting. Here is a link to our project Zane Middle School alternative desk. Here are some links to examples of my work:

Auto CAD drawing.