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(Experience in Technology and/or the Environment)
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[[File:Marvinandi.JPG|thumb|left|Marvin and I]]
== About Me ==
== About Me ==

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Marvin and I

About Me

Stephanie Becerra
I am a Environmental Science Major with the option in Energy and Climate at Humboldt State University. I will receive my Bachelor of Science degree in the Spring of 2015. I hope to pursue a career in sustainable building and ultimately gain the knowledge and skills required to build my own sustainable home. I strive to increase the momentum of sustainable building so that we can preserve the health of our planet. I would like to work with organizations involved with environmental engineering and sustainable growth.

Interests in Technology and the Environment

  • I would like to understand and apply the technology we have now to transition to renewable energy and sustainable building.
  • I believe that the environment is in great danger because of some of the technology we have and I would like to expose its faults.
  • I want to compare and contrast technologies and help the world understand how the energy we use for modern technology can be understood and use can be optimized in a sustainable manner.

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment

  • My experience in technology and the environment is limited, I know only what I have learned through school.
  • The skills I have related to the technology and the environment includes knowledge in the processes involved and application of those processes.
  • The resources I have readily available to me are my university, my own knowledge and accessible information via text or web.