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Oshw-logo.png This user is a member with interest and knowledge of Open Source Hardware.

Current Projects[edit]


RockWall Project[edit]


Rock Wall Hold - Thingiverse

Celtic Coaster[edit]

CloverCoaster 02.png

Celtic Coaster - Thingiverse

Remix: Celtic Clover - Thingiverse

BoardSport Technologies[edit]

DAQ Housing[edit]

Complete Housing
Circuit board size check

DAQ Housing with circuit boards printed at the IEEE Lab at Michigan Tech. Circuit Boards are made to support use of 5 strain gauges and an accelerometer, that are attached to the top of a snowboard made by BST. The purpose is to record the strain and vibration data with simultaneous video recording to view situations in which the data occurs. The data will also be compared with results from Altair FEA simulations.

Tow-In Winch[edit]

RTG Hawse Fairlead.PNG
Mounted on BST winch

Hawse Fairlead - Thingiverse

Fairlead Libre3d Page

Hawse Fair lead for BST snowboard winch

BST "Tow-In" winch

Random Projects[edit]

Rear Mask Piece[edit]

Payday Wolf Mask

"Catcher mask style" back piece for PAYDAY Halloween Masks