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{{Portal:Appropriate technology/box-header‎|<big>''Sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.''</big>|Main Page|}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-footer‎‎}} <!-- INTRODUCTION -->
<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">[[File:Appropedia Logo small no text.png‎|150px|link=:Category:Projects|Sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.]]
</div>'''Appropedia''' is the site for collaborative solutions in [[sustainability]], [[poverty]] reduction and [[international development]] through the use of sound [[principles]] and [[appropriate technology]] and the sharing of wisdom and [[project]] information. It is a [[wikipedia:wiki|wiki]], a type of website which allows anyone to add, remove, or edit content. Registration is encouraged but not required for contributors.
Appropedia has been described as an "[[appropriate technology wiki]]," but it is much broader than that - it is a [[green wiki]], and a wiki for all matters of [[international development]] and [[aid]].  But most importantly, Appropedia is an open site for stakeholders to come together to find, create and improve scalable and adaptable solutions. 
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-header|<big>Announcements &mdash; [http://blogs.appropedia.org/tag/announcements/ ''more'']</big>|:Welcome to Appropedia/Announcements|titleforegroundlink=white}}
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Want to collaborate & share ideas for '''sustainability''', '''poverty reduction''' and '''international development'''?
You're at the right place — see our [[Appropedia:Mission|Mission]].
Contributors have made [[Special:Recentchanges|{{NUMBEROFEDITS}} edits]] and uploaded [[Special:Newimages|{{NUMBEROFFILES}} files]]. — Browse our [[Appropedia:CategoryTree|categories]] or [[Special:Allpages|all '''{{NUMBEROFPAGES}}''' pages]].
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* [[Renewable Energy Dictionary]]
* [[Ethanol from organic sugar beets versus refined cane sugar]]
* [[CCAT rocket stove]]
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{{Portal:Appropriate technology/box-header‎|<big>Hot topics / In the news</big>|Main Page|}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-header|<big>[http://blogs.appropedia.org/ Blog]</big>|:Welcome to Appropedia/Blog||titleforegroundlink=white}}{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Blog}}
* [[Occupy Sustainability]]
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* [[Orphanage tourism]]
* [[Liter of light]]
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* 3-D Printing Design Comp - 1st prize $1000. See '''[[Open source sustainability 3-D printing design competition]]'''.
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Selected portal intro}} <!-- VISIT A PORTAL -->
* '''[http://blogs.appropedia.org/2011/08/28/intellectual-property-public-domain-internship/ Intellectual property internship]
* '''[[Open source sustainability 3-D printing design competition]]'''
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{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-header|<big>Construction zone &mdash; correct mistakes & [[Appropedia:Flagging spam|flag spam]] as needed</big>|:Welcome to Appropedia/Construction||titleforegroundlink=white}}
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/Construction}}
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| width=50% style="background:transparent;border-right:2px solid #818CA5;padding-left: .9em;padding-right: .9em;" | '''Newest Articles''' <sup>''[[Special:Newestpages|more]]''</sup>
|width=50%  style="background:transparent;padding-left: .9em;padding-right: .9em;"| '''Wanted Pages''' - click to add info <sup>''[[Special:WantedPages|more]]''</sup>
|valign="TOP" style="background:transparent; border-right:2px solid #818CA5;padding-left: .9em;padding-right: .9em;"|[[Image:Under construction orange.jpg|Under construction|right|80px]]
New pages being developed:{{Special:Newestpages/-/10}}
<span style="font-size:85%">Note: Appropedia's newest pages may not yet comply with [[:Category:Appropedia policy|our policies]]. Page titles in italics are "redirects," often created when moving a page.</span>
|valign="TOP" style="background:transparent;padding-left: .9em;padding-right: .9em;"| [[Image:Under construction orange.jpg|Under construction|right|80px]]
Create a new page:
# [[Rural communities]]
# [[Water well pump]]
# [[Animals]]
# [[Environmentalism]]
# [[Deforestation]]
# [[Organic waste]]
# [[Nutrition]]
# [[Hydrogen ]]
<small>These '''[[A:Redlinks|<font color=red>red links</font>]]''' are invitations for you to contribute your knowledge.</small>  
{{:Welcome to Appropedia/box-header|<big>Please help Appropedia grow!</big>|:Welcome to Appropedia/Grow||titleforegroundlink=white}}
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<small>Or [[Help:Creating a page|'''create a page''']] on the topic of your choice.</small>
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We want your projects, current works, observations and wisdom! Please see our [[Help:Contributing content|Contributing content]] page. You can also enrich existing articles by clicking on "edit" at the top of the page or section.  Appropedia's software is robust and forgiving, so '''[[A:BOLD|Be Bold]]''' and contribute!
More info on helping out is at our [[Appropedia:Community portal|Community Portal]] page. Ask questions or leave comments at the [[Appropedia:Village pump|Village Pump]] page. You can also check out the Appropedia [[Appropedia:Mailing lists|mailing lists]]. [http://groups.google.com/group/appropedia-community Appropedia community] and [http://groups.google.com/group/tech-for-sustainability-wikis Site tech].
Become a [http://www.facebook.com/appropedia Facebook Fan]. Follow us on [http://www.twitter.com/appropedia Twitter], [http://identi.ca/appropedia Identica] or [http://friendfeed.com/appropedia FriendFeed]  Stumble our links at [http://nopanacea.stumbleupon.com/ StumbleUpon] or [http://delicious.com/nopanacea Delicious].  See our images at [http://www.flickr.com/photos/appropedia Flickr] and [http://www.youtube.com/appropedia YouTube]... and make sure to add us as a friend, subscription, resource, etc. wherever you are!
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Sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.

Welcome to Appropedia

We develop knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives (read our vision and mission).

Explore solutions for sustainability, appropriate technology, poverty reduction, and permaculture. You are encouraged to add to and edit Appropedia with your original research on these subjects. To learn more about appropriate technology, we invite you to check Portal:Appropriate technology.

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To catch the rain cover.png Rainwater catchment around the world.
Get a paperback on Amazon or free digitally at http://www.tocatchtherain.org.

Sustain to the music! :-)
Environmental songs. Below is a list of Songs with and Environmental Theme - something to listen to while you are working on Appropedia:

Blues: Global Warming Blues

Country: Jimmy Buffet - Wheather with YOU · Jimmy Buffet- Volcano · Jimmy Buffet - A salty Piece of LAnd

Folk Rock: Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell · Politik by Coldplay · Hagen - Mother Nature · Dave Matthews Band - Too Much · Antarctica by Joanne Rand · Fire and Rain by James Taylor · Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer · Hearts And Hands by Stele Ely · On The Clothesline by Stele Ely

Funk: Jamiroquai - Emergency on Planet Earth

Heavy metal: Biotech is Godzilla by Sepultura · Steel Prophet- Environmental Revolt · Sepultura - Old Earth

Hip hop: New World Water by Mos Def · Atmosphere · Michael Franti & Spearhead - Is It Love Enough? · Ozomatli- Coming War · Earth Song by Michael Jackson · Ice MC - Look After Nature

Ja: Spirit- "Fresh Garbage"

Indie: Lay Me on the Water by Gavin DeGraw, from the indie album "Gavin Live" ·

Nature Anthem
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Build your own Vermicomposting System! Read more or check our book

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Rachel Carson
The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves.

Service learning as a teaching method combines community service with academic instruction that focuses on critical, reflective thinking and civic responsibility. Service learning programs involve students in organized community service that addresses local and global needs, while developing their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility, and commitment to the community. Internships offer ways individuals can learn from valuable work experiences while also contributing to the host's mission.

Service learning using Appropedia helps to create an essential knowledge base for the world via learning experiences for individuals and classes. The Appropedia Foundation and the Appropedia community work with universities via service learning courses, as well as service learning programs to create these opportunities. Appropedia internships also offer opportunities for service learning.


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Note: Appropedia's newest pages may not yet comply with our policies. Page titles in italics are "redirects," often created when moving a page.

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