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The old-paradigm housing model fails in many ways. It's too expensive, the living arrangements are arbitrary, and there's hardly any way to enforce mutual duties, like cleaning the bathroom.


Cohousing based on shared objectives posted on the dwelling for everyone to see and evaluate, like a micro-intentional community.

Statement should include:

  • what your philosophies are,
  • work requirements or dues amount (in your local currency, of course),
  • what's (or who's) allowed into the house
  • what to do with waste -- stuff leaving the house

Free movement between houses, based on rules. World Game can manage house tasks and generate currency tradable outside the house. Should be posted in main room when entering house so can be somewhat cross-checked by community.

No "joint" rejections whereby if a person is kicked out of one house, they are kicked out of another, prima facie. But consider, instead of kicking people out, they are fined a creative punishment for the whole community to enjoy, like "must work without any clothes for one month".



All waste should be recycled, re-used, reduced, repaired, or composted.

Let's talk about your fecal waste.

The articles on this site give various discussions on the topic.

Balance excess nitrogen with carbonaceous material or other qualified inert matter. (Basically the consistency of color allows for a gradient of re-useability in other level of the ecosystem, white paraffin, for example could conceivably be used.) A one to one ratio is possible if you fine-ground the carbon material. Basically, you want the urine to be completely soaked up by the carbonaceous material. So crush your dry leaves, use sawdust, fine-shred your paper. Dark soot is the best to cover with feces -- you're basically using processes in GOD to transform that, but some sharp-edged carbon material of same volume is good, same as your mass might be better though if you don't have the soot/ash.

Pressure and containment creates heat if you have pre-populated it with your yoghurt culture. Heat and pressure are the indication of transformation.

Transformation happens when 1 atmosphere of pressure is achieved (either at once or accumulated through time), so that 24 hours is all that is required if you get 14.7lbs of pressure or 2 days if you get half that, etc.

Pathogens are not the issue -- it is your relationship to the whole mess. You're already probably sharing your community members pathogens, it's just that shit stinks. In any case, after you've achieved your atmosphere (whether 1 day or 14), you should be able to mix it one-to-one with dirt and use for non-food stuffs.

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