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Our world is out-of-balance. Relying on science or religion alone won't bring it into balance. The world is imbalanced with respect to male and female principles, between yin and yang (before male and female--the feng shui of the universe), and between knowledge and intuition. Like science vs. religion, this latter has become very polarized as each has held onto their truths, but not found the synthesis that marries the two. So this page is an attempt to fix that omission.

Perhaps it can hold only personal stories, until someone sees the commonality that will bring it all together and make the perfect page.

Here's what I've divined about the divine. Much of this is for the planetary transition and Eden 2.0 where wo/man work together to create an even bigger, better paradise, restoring harmony after accounting for all of their history. Do note, that the Hebrew story is the only scripture that allows animals to live together in harmony.

People owe everything for this freaking mess made by G8 countries with drugs, denial of the divine (male and female), and various dependencies on very high-minded or high-powered items that people have not mastered (like smart phones and hi-octane gasoline).

This means that there are answers to the questions that have kept Earth from having peace. I myself went and found them, but have been kicked out of communities for even talking about them. Loyalty to christianity or LBGQT wasn't going to create peace in any way at all, because they were, in fact, opposed to one another.

These stupidities have cost billions of dollars of lost love and lost value, not to mention deaths of children and animals.

Peace requires Truth and Justice. That means truth that the Hebrews were waiting for in prophesy on your American dollar and fixing injustices made against the American Indians. Everyone owes, because the facts are not dependent on your beliefs and those facts are that life isn't free.

There is no future without these. It cost me personally a lifetime of hell to bring you this knowledge because a few "bad apples" thought LOVE was enough. Use it wisely, please.

Now, onto new knowledge, made by prophesy...

The following knowledge is not religious, nor theoretical, but highly distilled knowledge of 5000 years of accumulated experience, made from the Messianic prophesy of the Jews. The divine name of GOD has four Hebrew characters. Because of Man's confusions of calling himself homo, it now has a fifth letter: π (the Greek letter pi). The four Hebrew letters are balanced in both vowels and consonants -- that's male and female principles in ONE NAME. Technically, these principles pre-date the appearance of gender, so are more abstractly YIN/YANG.

The name of GOD, then, carries both the abstract principles, like [holy] Spirit, and the concrete human form of the Creator. It is both inorganic and organic, a circle of perfection to 300 digits (approx.). Do not take it lightly like the Christians and atheists -- no human would have made it up to create a religion or merely for power.

Just for the feminists: it is this same entity which gave me the name GAIA for a different way of relating to the Divine. Notably, it contains the first letter of Hebrew-name (Yod) in the second syllable, while the first letter co-opts the hard "G" from the christian name for GOD. So the feminine is ordered first in this arrangement, while the male/yang is second. What this means, with regard to commandments or giving back isn't clear.

But here is something that is clear: life requires effort. It does not come for free. In the Old Testament, animals were sacrificed to fund Man's Journey of Knowledge. After Jesus ("the lamb"), this changed. But such a sacrifice isn't forever, and the Bible said there would have to be an accounting. The Commandments say 1 day a week to remember and "keep it sacred". That's not much to ask. Perhaps putting to GAIA acts as a substitute, but I think not, mostly because of all the work that it has taken the male side to maintain a future for Earth.

Here's some more prophesy, so you can get right with the Divine...

Jesus is the heart of Man. That is, his life, plus the creation of the Vatican made the anatomical heart from the event of the crucifixion. Women still had the womb to hold love, but men relied on loyalty from women (and love of children). Before then, we had to work on power (generally over others), loyalties (generally from the beloved, or oppositely-sexed partner), and knowledge. This is how the Jews kept power back in the day: they had the name of GOD.

So, check your mummies: there is no heart, until after Jesus. Yet he is just one lifetime in the explorations of how to relate to the Divine since eating from the Tree of Knowledge, one of total devotion (to the historical view of GOD as father).

Is it appropriate to worship the female side at this time, probably not: there's too much entanglements with civilization and that civilization began with the historical, male, view of GOD. There are a few exceptions: those who are advanced in Time and are already living a post-transition, post-Judgement life may be able to reign in the excesses of that story from a different side of Time. The problem with going with the Goddess, is that there is no judgement story to reconcile history of Conquest, for example, of the Native Americans.

Beyond that, in theory either divine name could work, but the female has not built up the power equally of what GAIA means.

Here's another whopper of information that is extremely important: we are not homo sapiens (unless you're gay, possibly: Ask me). GOD would be homo. This has caused untold amounts of pain in the soul from this confusion. Sensitive boys or tough girls believing that they're gay, when they're not -- because the power of science calls them GOD's soul, which would be gay and not a man like Adam or a woman like Eve (I'm using the archetypal names here). But gay does not equate to homosexual. You can be one and not the other, so they are completely orthogonal. You'll note that the serpent has no genitalia. This is also significant in understanding the genus.

Anyone born of a mother and not a Native American is a hetero sapiens (the best alternative proposed). The Natives themselves, are ambi sapiens and are not from the same origin as hetero sapiens. When the two mate, there is a power battle between the two species that requires them (in nearly all cases, except nagual) to either accept a powerless position of being in-between and loyal to neither aims OR reject one.