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Nicole Gallup
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Hi there! My name is Nicole Gallup, but I often go by Nicki. I am a student at Michigan Technological University and am currently involved with the MOST Research Group, where my main job is working with 3-D Printing!


Nicole Gallup graduated from Kalamazoo Central High School in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2017. Gallup then went on to study Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. There, she in actively involved in the Women's Club Soccer Team, the Alpine Ski Race Team, and the Michigan Tech Open Source Technology group. She studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic during the Summer of 2019. In High School, she was part of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) where she pursued various projects related to engineering to showcase at the State and National Level. Her ultimate goal after college is to work on prosthetics for the rehabilitation of animals and people.


In the 2015-2016 school year, my project partner, Amanda Watson, and I designed and created our own shower system in which timed out how long water was running for and decreased the water flow through the shower head. We created 3-D models of each component of the shower timer design through the Autodesk computer program and 3-D Printed each component. The following year, I created place-mats from the reuse of plastic bags from grocery stores. Each project required a thorough documentation of the project, its uses, and the idealization of whether or not it could be mass produced and sold in stores. This project documentation was presented to a panel of judges who were well versed in each project category.

Starting 2018, I began working at the MOST (Michigan Tech Open Source Technology) Research group under Dr. Joshua Pearce. My current project is to work with shredded windshield wipers and test them using various 3-D printing processes. My partner, Samantha Dertinger, and I are aiming to reuse windshield wipers to make filament to print for different pieces in prosthetics. You can find the Literature Review here Prosthetic_Plastic_Literature_Review.

Starting Fall 2019, I began working on a Bioprinter by Lulzbot to 3D print biological components. I also began working with students in Dr. Pearce's 3D printing class to determine why kindergarten through high school students should have access to a 3D printer in their schools for educational use. I also joined the Open Source Hardware Enterprise to work on a Recyclebot and continue creating 3D printed open source projects.


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Research Interests

My research interests include different prosthetics used for all parts of your body on animals and people. Using 3D printing and Open Source to allow all types of people to have access to everything. Working with medical devices to better people's lives. Improving upon medical devices with new technologies that arise to help people in the best way possible.